I am …

I am, I finally admit to myself, scared as hell.

It is now over an hour since I have seen anyone, or anything. I was put in this windowless jail cell, for that is what it can only be called, after being caught and interrogated or over five hours non-stop. I played the hard man, as per my training, but throughout the questioning I felt so much less than hard, so much closer to scared.

I was stopped at the border. For the last five years crossing the border has been almost impossible. The new government haven’t wanted to lose any more skilled workers, and conversely they haven’t wanted to allow any more foreign entities into our beloved country to take work from the indigenous population or food out of their mouths.

My papers were in order, well as good as. They were in fact created,or perhaps forged would be more hones,t by the political party in opposition who disagree with the current controls but are proving completely ineffectual. The whole country is in almost complete lock-down. Essential products that cannot be produced internally are allowed through on an unbelievably strict process, but otherwise the borders are  as good as closed.

I was posing as a government official, a scout on a skill searching errand. My errand of course was nothing of the sort. I was in fact setting out on a tour to see how the outside world was viewing my country’s self-satisfying policy, and to try and obtain support to reverse it.

For some reason my documents were not quite right and here I am sitting, scared in this cell.

If anyone would have ever asked me I would never have believed this of my own country. What on earth has happened to the land of the free? The land that welcomed strangers, the land that is now physically closed at all its borders. Oh America what went wrong?!




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2 responses to “I am …

  1. Fabulous! Love the last sentence (question!) … 🙂

    • Tony and I have always been ‘amused’ (disappointed) by the inscription at the bottom of the statue of liberty ‘give me your tired, your poor…’ and how it i at odds with the fence stopping Mexicans from crossing into the States. This was just an extension of where it could lead.

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