There are many times in my life that I can think of as being perfect, or as nigh as dammit to perfection. One of those times, like many proud parents often say, was the birth of my daughter.  Now she clearly is not my biological daughter, but nonetheless the bond between us is as strong as if she were.

Born on the 10th February 2008 to two yellow labs Cuddy and all her eleven siblings were black. She wasn’t planned, either by her doggie parents or by us, but when I got the call that a Labrador puppy needed a home I accepted the challenge.

Within hours of her birth we were lucky enough to meet her, and all her siblings, huddled up and feeding from a proud and protective mother. I was in love from that instant – I wasn’t sure which of the black bundles of fur was ours but I didn’t care they were all special.

A couple of weeks later we were back to see how our baby was growing. Needless to say she was doing fine. And still we had no idea which one we were going to be taking home.

At three months we went back to the farm to see if we could bring our baby home. We got out of the car and the farmer’s wife called the puppies. Like a scene from 101 dalmatians (well had they all been black), they all came bundling into the garden over walls and through the plants. ‘Which one do you want?’ the farmer’s wife enquired. At this point one of the little girls came over to Tony and sat on his feet- the decision was made. We picked up this perfect specimen of love and bundled her up into the car to her new home.



In no time she had settled in with the rest of our menagerie, and was happy with her name of Cuddy – yes from the TV series ‘House’ -his boss (Lisa Edelstein)- both of them have perfect shiny black hair an shapely long legs! PERFECT!



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2 responses to “Perfect

  1. A lovely story, Mark! Great to have the ‘memory’ in ‘print’ and I really liked the naming process – I can see the resemblance! 🙂

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