Love is…

Sitting beside me in the near dark he surprises me slightly. I’m always nervous in this place. THe darkness and the smell of secrecy and sex.

His hand’s on my leg sliding higher as my breath increases. I try to watch the action on the screen and am deeply aware of his sexual presence beside me, and in my space.

I dare to glance his way. He smiles as I do so. His hand slides higher and fumbles with my zip. I am so turned on now, yet still cautious. I move his hand back down my leg and hold it there.

He takes my hand in his and gently places it on his lap. He presses his hand down whilst pushing his lap upwards. His fly is already open and I can feel his soft firmness. The game is on…

I check his face again. He is handsome with the manliness I crave. A kind face exuding sexuality with the obligatory moustache. A sign of the times. A sign that interests me even more. We lean into each other and kiss for the first time, our mouths and moustaches a strange animal alive. We kiss deeply and passionately. The game is on…

After checking each other out carefully and intimately he asks if I’ll go for a drink with him. I look into his eyes. “Yeah, of course,” I breathlessly reply. Standing up and adjusting our dress we move back out into the late London sunshine. He says something like “this way.” and I follow. The game is on…

In the pub we finally talk, offering names and snippets of information. Already I am enamoured with this man. I could even say ‘in love’. In quick time I know this man deeply, yet have only met him. I know our futures are locked in. We will have a long life together, I know it. That is what love is, that deep knowledge of someone, that gut feeling that rushes ahead and plans a life together. That’s what love is!




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2 responses to “Love is…

  1. Oh, Wow. [sigh] Beautiful and stirring and magical. Thank you, Mark. 🙂

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